AI Dungeon: Tips and Tricks

I was intrigued when I saw the (relatively) new game ‘AI Dungeon’, a text based adventure where all the output is generated (improvised?) by an AI rather than using a predefined world. In theory you can have any type of adventure that you want, and take any action that you can describe with text. However, after playing the game for a while, I can say that it is not perfect. The AI can say and do things that are both bizarre and contradictory. Just search on YouTube to find many humorous examples of this. But on occasion the AI will do things that seem surprisingly original, creative, and even eerily human-like. I plan to talk about the actual AI in a future post, but first I thought I’d offer some simple advice on how to shepherd the AI away from it’s bizarre behaviors and towards the more consistent ones, in the hopes that those who want to try out this game can get the best experience possible.

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